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Pinnacle Bank Arena update


Scout Team
15 Year Member
Looks like a new Basketball floor at Pinnacle Bank Arena for next season.

Can it really be nearing the end of it's life after 6 years?

After six years of use and multiple installations, the current maple floor is getting old and some of the built-in cushioning isn't as strong as it used to be, said Tom Lorenz, arena manager.
The university is also looking at a new design, he said. So there will be a new floor with an entirely new look.
Maybe this is part of the Buy a court get a free coach promo going on or something.


Jack Riggins

Stay Calm, and Carry On Husker Nation
HOPE is the life blood of all HUSKER NATION right now. At some point tho, someone or a bunch of someones is going to tell us how having that "New Court" is part of the revival of MBB and it is just another example of how they offer world class support to the pro-grums.