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OWH Article on WBB

Sandhills Husker

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Gonna be a rough year if the games are played. We are an absolute mess at the guard spot. Recruited a lot of players at that spot with serious pre-existing medical conditions. Will be interesting to see if Williams can hang on until reinforcements enter the program.

Red Don

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Here are some quotes I found from the OWH article that are interesting (since I don't subscribe & can't read it :Redface:).

"Injuries, including some that lingered from years past, have cut into NU’s practice roster, as well. The frontcourt — Cain, Isabelle Bourne, Bella Cravens and Annika Stewart — has been relatively intact for training camp. The backcourt, where Nebraska is looking for players to complement junior captain Sam Haiby, has been a constant shuffle."
Williams said, with building chemistry in the offseason following an overhaul in the way Nebraska will develop leaders and select captains. Williams’ new framework is based on a variety of sources, she said, including conversations with Husker volleyball coach John Cook.
Chemistry on the court? That’ll take time.
“Because of injuries and COVID interruptions, our kids haven’t had near enough time on the court together to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses or be where we would like to be in a normal year,” Williams said.
Big Ten games may start in early December, Williams said.
I also read that Isabelle Bourne, one of the fan favorites from last year, is one of the team captains for this season.

As @Sandhills Husker reports, this may be a bleak year for WBB. The only bright spot seems to be this may be a throw-away year, i.e. a full conference-schedule isn't likely to be played due to covid, no loss of eligibility, and time for the team to gel until the 2021 recruits get here.

Fingers crossed for everyone to stay healthy, and for the team to gel.