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Northwestern v. NU Women's Basketball Thread


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This is a bummer. Still have a good win loss record. But the amount of losses in the Big Ten is a bummer. But I am sure there is a lot of adjustments a team has to make to play in new conf.
had nothing to do with that IMO....this team is so YOUNG...they've hit the proverbial wall for this season...I've mentioned it a few times in other threads....only bodes well for the future with the experience we've gained this season, we'll be very SOLID the next 3 years.


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Iowa beat Michigan by one point in the final minute after trailing the entire game. With our loss, Iowa now leads us by a 1/2 game for the #4 spot that carries a bye in the Big Ten tourney.

Iowa's schedule is Northwestern & Michigan. Ours includes Ohio State - we'll have a tough time getting back to #4.