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Non-Conference Teams

Farmer Jake

#44 Jacob Callier (aka "Leg/Knee Twister") will be back in 2019. He had a shoulder injury that required surgery and missed most of last season. If I were on the field at the same time as that little prick, he would be target #1. A couple of 300LB O-lineman pancaking his ass or a hi-low with the low coming at his knees from behind. That would be an acceptable 15-yard penalty.

I don't want to see any play where such a 15-yard penalty would be assessed against Nebraska. That would be the wrong goal to focus on. Having said that, it would be appropriate if there was a new pothole in Boulder's turf that perfectly matched Jacob Callier's backside (it would also be nice to be able to see "44" at the bottom of the pothole). You could fill the pothole with maple syrup to make the pancake complete.