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NFL Playoff games today


Feral Cat
20 Year Member
Never thought the play before half would decide the game... I guess go bengals in the SB

Regardless, KC shouldn't have choked as bad as they did in the second half. They had a two-score lead at halftime ... more experienced players ... one of the best home crowds in football -- and they choked the entire second half. They did enough in the first half to win it if they didn't absolutely suck in the second half.


Feral Cat
20 Year Member
Only 2 years ago, the Bengals went 2-14.


That's been the type of the theme I've stated for the past couple of years here -- as to why the NFL is better than college. There's surprise teams in the NFL playoffs more years than not. You'll never see huge turnarounds like that in college football anymore. College football gets more predictable every year.


2 Year Member
Are those the only 2 options?
That's what every option pretty much boils down to, IMHO. If you play until someone fails at their equal opportunity you could be playing for 4 for more quarters theorectically.

But, like I said... to each his own. I won't interrupt your complaining anymore. Cheers.
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