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NFL Playoff Games 1/22/2023


If you can stomach Stephen A, it'll be a new level of obnoxious. But I'll enjoy it, as I hate the Cowboys as much as Stephen A does. :Lol:
Bring on the Niners!

As the Fox NFL studio crew said in the postseason, Philly is toughest place to play in the NFL (though KC can lay the same claim).

Five years ago, Philly won their first Super Bowl. Pulling hard for #2.
I dislike Michael Irvin even more.

I recognize sports talk is no longer about unbiased perspectives ... and Irvin is there as a counterbalance to make SAS look even smarter at the end ... at the beginning of the season he made a proclamation that the Cowboys could be as good as the undefeated Dolphins.

The Cowboys are loathsome since Jerry Jones has owned the team. I coach basketball and I constantly tell my best player that his job is to make his teammates successful. Some times I get leaders who sacrifice a part of their game to make teammates better, and sometimes I get guys who are more worried about themselves and their stats and the team suffers. I truly honestly believe that if you went to JJ and said ... (1) stay off the radio, get your face out of the media ... act more the Rooney's and (2) give up roster decision making to professionals who do it for a living. And if he would do those things he would win a championship ... I truly honestly sincerely believe JJ could not nor would not do those 2 simple things. His ego transcends the organization and is an anchor!

I think San Fran beats Philly ... Cincinnati wins this year's Super Bowl. CTB wins MOP!


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