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Nebraska will open 2018 season at home in national title rematch against Florida

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Full Schedule:

VERT Challenge (Lincoln)
» Aug. 24: Florida
» Aug. 25: Oregon
(Texas also plays Florida and Oregon)

Ameritras Players Challenge
» Aug. 31: Ohio
» Aug. 31: Wake Forest
» Sept. 1: Santa Clara

Sept. 6: at Creighton (CenturyLink Center)
Sept. 9: Iowa State

Nebraska Invitational
» Sept. 14: Central Michigan
» Sept. 14: New Mexico
» Sept. 15: Missouri State

B1G Conference Games
Sept. 21: Michigan
Sept. 22: Michigan State
Sept. 28: at Northwestern
Sept. 29: at Illinois
Oct. 3: Iowa
Oct. 6: Minnesota
Oct. 10: Indiana
Oct. 13: at Penn State
Oct. 19: at Wisconsin
Oct. 20: at Minnesota
Oct. 24: at Ohio State
Oct. 27: Illinois
Nov. 2: Penn State
Nov. 3: Rutgers
Nov. 7: at Iowa
Nov. 10: at Michigan
Nov. 16: at Purdue
Nov. 17: at Indiana
Nov. 23: Ohio State
Nov. 24: Maryland


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Sorry. Actually not so much sarcasm as honest joy regarding all the fun stuff ahead. Plus, I respect your efforts here way too much to be snide. In that regard...many thanks.
Believe me, I was not in the least bit offended. I, too, am excited about the new season.