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Nebraska vs So. Dakota St. - Wednesday - 5/8/24 - 6:05 pm Ctrl - Haymarket Park

Will have to just check in from time to time tonight. Real curious as to the starting pitcher and if Jackson will pitch tonight of if he is now the Sunday starter? Still bent about the sixth inning from Sunday. Being directly behind home plate and a few rows up, Christo did not hit that batter that led to the three runs from the walk, hit batter that wasn't hit, and the past ball. That changed the whole inning and the whole game.

what wind there is (7-10mph) is coming out of the S.W... Well hit balls to Left-Left Center field will have a little boost to go out.
Thanks for the info on the weather. Wow, finally, spring has hit Lincoln? Still very cold, here in Pocatello, Id!! Still waiting to plant flowers! After Mother's Day, it should be great weather. :)

Computer was down, until now!! I am on B10+ now, waiting for the game to come on. No time to get onto huskers.com.

I will start posting as soon as the game begins. I am so sick of cableone.net, now known as Sparklite!! Always going down!!
Site is now up:

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