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Nebraska vs Rutgers Game Thread (10/7/22)

Red Reign

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Game broadcast will start at 6:00 PM CDT on FS-1

You can stream pre/game/post here starting at 1 PM CST: https://huskers.com/coverage?date=08/27/2022

A few things to remember as always:

Personal attacks will get you a thread ban and possibly a vacation.

Beating the word filter will get you minimum thread ban and possibly a vacation.

Trolling & gas lightening will get you a thread ban.

Bottom line have fun and be nice to each other it's not that hard to do.

Edit to add Fanalytix. Click on the image to open the interactive version where you can drill down on drives, plays, scores and other stats.

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Wonder if husker fans outnumber Rutgers fans???
Will be interesting to see. Being RU hasn't won a home game in like 20 yrs and being a night game on Friday. Think our presence will at the least be noticeable, as usual. We'll see!

On the radio, they were just going over Omaha's high school Friday night games. Made me wonder how many fans THEY'LL be getting since Huskers are playing too....lol. (Lots of parents with phones out...hehe.)
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