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Nebraska vs Iowa (11/23/18)

Red Reign

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My goodness how this season has flown by. A lot of what ifs and could haves if we could replay the first six games of the season. With that being said the last five games have seen a young team and yeah a young coaching staff bond and find that aura that great teams have to have to win if they are going to do it the right way. In other words no lying, cheating or stealing. Loyalty both ways and hard work and blood sweat and tears with your brothers. Finishing this season on a high note is going to be crucial as the team goes into the off season and puts in the hard work to what I think will lead to a very successful 2019 campaign. Part and parcel to that is it will lead to us finishing out a recruiting class that will be part of the building block that will lead this team back to its rightful place.

So with all of that being said the game tomorrow will be broadcast on FOX starting at 11AM CST

Pre/Post/Game can be streamed here starting at 5:55AM CST: http://www.huskers.com/liveEvents/l...2.1825705212.1520119727-1614288233.1520119724

These guys are worth their weight in gold. Anyone who has played a sport at the HS or college level knows what I am saying. :)