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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked Nebraska vs Indiana Game Thread (10/15/16)

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They also blocked in the back on their late touchdown run. Refs were bad, but because they ruled Newby's knee down, not conspiracy-level bad.

Refs were bad, our offense was bad, kinda dissapointed to see our offense perform that bad. But I can't be dissapointed in our effort and desire. Tommy, I really honestly love the guy and think the fan base doesn't give him enough credit. That being said, sometimes he does some really dumb things, and this was one of those games for him. However, as bad as he was, the o-line was equally concerning and partly to blame for Tommy's struggles.

Point is we won. And I'm certainly not concerned with our teams chemistry and passion. We gotta get better though, mostly on the o-line.
Actually some of the refs thought that it WAS a fumble!
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