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Nebraska vs Illinois - Sunday - 2 p.m Central - May15, 2022 - Seibert Field - Game 3 - Rubber Match

0-2 pitch
Yeah, that, also!! We must hold the record for giving up pops on 0-2 and 1-2 pitches!! :eek:

Sadly, I picked the Huskers to blow this series. Sorry to be right. :(

Oral Roberts at 6:35 - cvg half hour earlier Tuesday
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1-19 at the plate after the first delay….
That’s just a total lack of focus and it is absolutely on the players themselves but also the coaches.

Delays always cause problems with focus and it’s up to the coach to get people refocused.

I know having Coached that you try everything. But also, if it’s not working, you have to try something else.

The captain of the ship is ultimately responsible. Just the way it is.


hopefully this year is an anomaly and we have a much better year next year!

I feel for you guys who hung around most of the day and night for this game -- only for it to be a very painful collapse and loss.

All four Husker runs came on one swing -- and nada for the rest of the game. Can't count on winning in that case.
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I just looked at our record and this team has lost 12 one run games

I say again 12 one run games.

That pretty much defines this season

very painful collapse and loss.
it wasn’t a collapse. Illinois does what solid baseball teams do. They didn’t panic when down four to nothing. They tried to shut off the bleeding and then chip away. And that’s exactly what they did.

We just came out of the lightning delay in a total daze

And the second delay even worse.

So maybe it was a collapse:cool:

Darn it….nothing I can do to change it though….. so I’ll cheer them on in the BYU and Michigan State games and hope for wins!

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Had a chance to sleep on it….thank goodness! LOL

12 one run game losses…..12

Win not even half of those games …just 5 of 12 and this team sits 25-24 and more of what you’d expect from a Husker team in a “rebuild year”

to me….it also shows they are “close”….

Uncannily like the Football team this year, unfortunately…close but not getting it done.

Regardless….hope they end this season as best they can on a high note and Coach and The team works hard to get us over the hump next year.

A fan forever….

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