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Nebraska vs Akron Game Thread (9/1/18) Huskers want to find a game to fill schedule this year

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Its finally here folks after a nine month wait the opening game of the Scott Frost era at Nebraska.

I am sure everyone has their own feeling as to where they believe this team is at and where they think they will end up at the end of the regular season. The Akron game will answer a few questions but as Scott Frost himself said he will more than likely only use about 80% of the playbook on offense. Colorado next week I suspect we will see that open up even more. I think this season will be a game by game proposition for this team. No looking ahead and taking on each challenge as it comes.

The line opened at 21 and is now at 26. Over/Under opened at 52 and is now 55.5. I think the folks in Vegas want to see how this new offense with a true Freshman operates and is thus being cautious.

So the game will be on the FOX Network with a 30 pregame show starting at 6:30PM CDT and the game broadcast s starting at 7:00PM

You can listen to the pre/game/post starting here at 1:55PM CDT: http://www.huskers.com/liveEvents/liveEvents.dbml?DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=100&_ga=2.253855112.1825705212.1520119727-1614288233.1520119724

As always there are a few rules in the game threads:

Please do not try beat the word filter. More than likely will see you banned from the thread.

Be courteous with other posters. No need to personal attack anyone or throw personal barbs.

If your coming into the thread just to troll or be disruptive you will be banned from the thread.

Most of all just have fun and make it easy on the Mods. I will be in and out of the thread as we will have company over for dinner and then watch the game. Mjohnson will be the Mod in the Shoutbox as he has been for as long as we have had it. So for those of you who are new the same rules apply in their. Its a fun experience but its not a free for all.

Should be a fun day and a great evening with hopefully the outcome being a Husker win.


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