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Nebraska Spring Practices/Game


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23 Feb 2021

"Nebraska football will hold its annual Red-White Spring Game on May 1. Athletic director Bill Moos says that the school is preparing to host fans at Memorial Stadium, and “lets of them.”

Fan attendance is a particular point of pride for the Husker program. Nebraska has a sellout streak dating back to 1962, which the school didn’t consider broken by the pandemic this fall (which is fair). The Spring Game is also a huge event, and given dropping transmission rates and the uptick in vaccinations, Moos seems optimistic about fans being in attendance for the event.

The athletic department is currently ramping up its plans for the event, and it sounds like Moos believes this could be a sign of things to come for the fall. He believes that the Big Ten will move towards local health officials determining appropriate capacity limits in the fall, rather than an overarching Big Ten policy.

“I think the Big Ten will let local health officials decide it,” Moos said according to the Omaha World-Herald. “The presidents were so concerned about the pandemic and the health of students, and rightfully so."

"Typically, the latest spring games occur in mid- to late-April. Nebraska football will begin spring practices most likely in late March. "

I hope they allow allot more Fans in then they did for Home games.


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I think they will have 50-75% capacity, with masking.

Better than KState, which doesn't give anything for masking.


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We will have to see what the Mayor of Lincoln and Lancaster County Health Department have to say about this as they have been stricter and tighter with their rules than the rest of the state of Nebraska and Omaha
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I hope they are able to have a full house in the fall but I will be surprised. I think how the CWS goes, so goes Lincoln.