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Nebraska @Minnesota- Fri. - 5:00 pm ctrl - 5/3/24 - Seibert Field

just misses outside?

1-2 count
inside???? Come on!!
where is the inside corner?? 2-2 count

strike 3 called!!!!!!!!!!

Daiss! :)


2 outs!
uno mas!!

Picks it off the dirt at 1st. One down!
Are you auditioning to help me? I would not mind having someone volunteer whenever, so I can kick back for a bit. :) Just let me know when you can fill in for an inning, or whatever? :)
Good night, Bob!
Hey, left you a message. Read it first! :) Goodnight to you. And, remember, I cannot make tomorrow's game. Maybe, you can do a little calling? I will set it up, unless you want to set it up. Let me know? ;)

Way to fight thru some adversity.

Brett with a rough outing

Softball team down to a couple more outs but tying run at the plate
Seems, Brett lost a little bit of concentration a few times. But, it happens, right? Just glad for the win!!


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