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Nebraska hosts Oral Roberts - Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 6:35 pm ctrl - Hawks Field

There is a way for Nebraska to get into the BIG tournament, but if we win two games, everything must fall into place. If we win three games, we still need a little help.
Said, everything has to go right. Sound like a huge stretch, with the tone in his voice!
1-2 on s/m
to the batter
I am snacking :)

pop up left side
out of play

1-2 count, still,
on the batter
he is a lh :)
chk swing
2-2 on Quinn dh

hit to Core
going toward 2nd
and he tosses him out!!
Nice play!!!
He does well, going toward
2nd from ss!!

2 outs
outside; fast ball
2-1 count to Cox
lh vs rhp

s/!! fast ball at letters

crowd and players
up in arms!!

full count
ball 4 :(

Beekler ab
hit to rt side/Max gets
him by a hair, going to
his left, and across his body!!

1 lob!!!
to the btm of the 8th

9-5 Huskers!!


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