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NASCAR at Las Vegas

The race restarts with 58 laps to go and Tony Stewart is out in front. Mark Martin is now running 16th.

The race restarts with 34 laps to go and Clint Bowyer is the leader. Mark Martin is in 15th place.
With 30 laps to go Tony Stewart is back in the lead. Mark Martin has moved up to 13th. Go Mark Martin.

Good to see Fox showing the split screen during the commercial, maybe it will be like this the rest of the race. Should be like this all race long in my opinion when they go to commercials.
With 23 laps to go Tony Stewart continues to lead. Mark Martin is now in 12th.
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Sheesh, Mark Martin was looking like he was going to finish in the top 10 until Dale Jr. got into the back of him.
Mark Martin just cannot catch a break in the late stages of a race, hopefully his car can still get a top 15 or top 20 out of this despite the damage from the bump.

The race restarts with 17 laps to go and Tony Stewart still the one to catch. Mark Martin is in 12th place but has some damage to the right side.


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