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MLB Standings Prediction Contest Winner Announced!


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
Overall Standings:

1. Merle: 90
2. p-ville husker: 78
3. Nishioka: 70
4. BraskyMan: 67
5. Glendale Husker: 66
6. McJack: 65
7. swsschaffert: 63
7. Wonder Monds Fan: 63
9. coloREDo: 62
9. HuskerWeatherman: 62
11. CrnhskrBob: 59
12. mjohnson: 56
13. skerm: 48

Congratulations to Merle! Obviously, the difference was in nailing the World Series Champions, St. Louis Cardinal. The bold pick did it. :)

This does make me wonder -- if I do this again (big if) -- maybe I put too much weight on the later rounds of the playoffs. I will have to ponder this... but given the rules, as stated prior to the contest, Merle is the worthy champion.

I think McJack is silver medal worthy -- for having the best picks on the division standings.
If so, I'll take a bronze!! :rolfl: