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Mizzery @ NU 7:00 CST


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Watched the entire match on my smartphone: btn2go is a free download, btw. Just download it. No sign in, and it will ask for your favorite team/s, whatever.

Foecke WAS awesome, once more!!! Had to laugh when Coach Cooke asked if she might stay another year? :D

In any case, Mizzou is a good team, but their libero is their weak link, from what I saw. They attacked her when they could! :)

Svc errors were at a minimum, once more, until late; but, they were under complete control, for sure.

Will check in later. I'm watching Bronco football, with lousy snow dumping down on Boise! Looks like Boise St will need to rally, if they want to beat Fresno St! 13-7, and missing a field goal...yeah, the snow did it!! ;)



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Sure do love this young lady!

You will always be in our thoughts and hearts, young lady!! You have, certainly, done your part
for Husker Land! You are the #1 volleyball gal in our great nation! You have done yourself proudly, young lady.!! We all love you!! :) You are the best!! You are numera una!!!
:Bow::Cheer2::Corn2::Hooray::Mfclap::Rockon::Broom: :Broom::Broom:
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