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I have never seen a call worse than this one. And it completely cost Purdue the win. That flag was so blatantly wrong, it makes you wonder if the ref had money on Minnesota.

If you watch closely the hand fighting takes place on the 7 yard line but the flag comes in just as he catches the ball.

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If that same call took a winning TD against the Huskers this board would burn down. I wish officials would have to face the media after games maybe they wouldn’t be so flag happy.
If that call went against Bo he’d be sitting in a Minneapolis jail without bail.
Hard to argue any of that.


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That official really shouldn't be permitted to officiate any more. I hope they have some review process to deal with incompetence like that. The Saints call was worse a year or so ago, but this one really ranks right up there.

I've officiated at national meets in which quick decisions on moving action have to be made all the time, and I understand close situations and what a bad call can do. I also understand that spectators cannot always see what the official can see. But that wasn't the case here. The cameras seem to have caught it all. In fact, it is really hard to see anything close to interference.


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Purdue had two TD's wiped out by officials (an earlier one to RMoore was overturned, seen plenty of worse calls stand)... entertaining game, sad when the there's such impactful & subjective intervention on the eventual result.

PJF can spin it however he'd like... certainly easier to row the boat when the zebras keep towing ya along.