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Mckenzie Milton Dumps On Nebraska and Oklahoma

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He was lucky he worked for Frost at UCF, that system doesnt work in the B1G and probably any other P5 conference. Why would he dump on NU and OU? Who knows, he did not exactly save the season for his current team. With the injury he got at UCF, one would think he might join the chess team some place.

I don’t see it as dumping on Nebraska and Oklahoma as him simply stating an opinion that is held by a lot of people. People have different motivations. His motivation makes him value a place like Orlando more than Lincoln or Norman. He was also talking at least in part about where NIL deals would be more lucrative. His perception is that an athlete could get more cash going to school in Orlando over the other named places. Essentially, he’s just a kid speculating based on stereotypes and unsupported assumptions. Has he put his toe in the market at either place? Has he even been to either?

Clearly, there are going to be more NIL opportunities in some places over others. Beyond NIL, Nebraska and Oklahoma can provide opportunities that other places can’t. Each individual player has different needs and desires.

M. Milton is just still at the stage in life where he knows all and if he feels a certain way, it is obviously the correct view. Yet, players still pick schools outside Orlando to attend. Go figure.
So these kids are picking schools based off where they want to live after football? Kind of a dumb take IMO
Horse and buggies take time from one place to another.
Then when you get to where you're going, who knows if that place even requires your skills.
People make the place, its 4 years of great people here or palm trees, heat and a long drive to the ocean to escape the humidity.
Hes showing his age, or lack thereof

Lol a kid from Hawaii who went to college in Florida doesn't have great thoughts about the midwest...

Yet Dom Railoa came from Hawaii to Lincoln and his brother from Wisconsin and other Islanders who have come to the Midwest

Not to mention the countless kids from CA and FL who have also played football in Lincoln etc

Should we go on?
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