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MBB Game #24, (L, 81-62), Sat, 2/9 @ Purdue, (#10), (16-6) (9-2), 7:30pm CT, BTN


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It was some damn ugly basketball, but he wasn’t an easy opponent.
Definitely true.

It's pretty amazing to realize, Moe never had a losing season at Nebraska. And he resigned immediately following Nebraska's first ever NCAA Tournament game (a loss to Western Kentucky). But man, the fans were bored with his brand of basketball. Of course, it wasn't until his final season in Lincoln that the shot clock was introduced. I remember going to those games prior to the shot clock, and the stall game was completely a snooze fest. lol. But for Moe, it was effective. Play solid defense. Milk the ball on offense, to limit to opposition's opportunities on offense.

Some of my all-time favorite Huskers played for Moe (of course, I was a teenager during his tenure). Jack Moore, Brian Carr, Stan Cloudy, Jerry Shoecraft ... on and on ... and of course, Dave Hoppen, who should always be in the conversation as the greatest Husker basketball player ever.

I was at the NIT game -- I think in 1983 -- when Nebraska won the quarterfinal game to clinch the semis in Madison Square Garden. It was a mob scene on the floor -- along with Sinatra's "New York, New York" cranking from the PA system. I want to say it was Canisius that Nebraska beat that night -- but I could be off with that memory.

Looking back, we obviously didn't realize how good we had it. But -- college basketball was rapidly changing with the addition of the shot clock and the 3pt line in the mid-80s. And thus, Nebraska hired a coach with a heckuva lot more fire than Moe. Danny Nee, of course. The excitement with his hire was sky high.

One last thought about Moe, for the few people that may not know. Moe was an assistant (the only assistant) under Don Haskins at Texas Western (now UTEP) in the early-to-mid-60s. Moe was responsible for recruiting the players that formed an all-black starting five against Kentucky's all-white team in 1966 -- and won the national championship. Of course, that's depicted in the movie, Glory Road.
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I think we've had worse;

Slo' Mo, Collier, Sadler, Mike Riley, etc. We've had our share. I wanted Miles gone 2 seasons ago and debated ColoRedo on his coaching 'tweeting'. so, last year I stayed silent and it looked like Miles was going to get straightened out. Well, this season shows me, we should have found a new coach at that time.

Oh, and speaking of Riley, this may have been posted elsewhere, he's now the head coach of the San Antonio Commanders of the AAF - Alliance of American Football. Why would anyone want a coach that teaches how to accept losing? Go find a coach that promotes winning.
To note: I said worst basketball coach. To the best of my recollection, Mike Riley didn't coach basketball. ;)