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Founding Father
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Sounds like McGregor is spent... empty casing going through the motions, Floyd should be able to close this out.


Junior Varsity
10 Year Member
Looks like McGregor has been warned a few times about his punches and ring antics, Hammer punches.


Founding Father
15 Year Member
oh well... I guess the 75 mill that McGregor made was certainly worth the trouble...., he'll smile though the bruises.


Music Soothes My Soul
5 Year Member
Well, this is why I didn't bother betting on this fight. I really wanted McGreggor to win also, but just felt like Mayweather was going to be too much. Oh well, it's why he's the champ and has been for years.
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Husker Fan
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It really wasn't that close.

McGregor came out with plenty of energy and was the aggressor the first few rounds. Even won a couple. But he tends the win his MMA fights quickly. He wore down big time. And that played completely into Mayweather's wheelhouse.

Mayweather has no problem going the distance. He plays defense. Better than any boxer in a generation or more.

Kudos to McGregor for going as long as he did. The match swung heavily in Mayweather's favor the longer it went. He's just been doing this all of his life. 50-0 is no mistake.