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Manchester United at Tottenham Hotspurs

Red Reign:868130 said:
No way....bad call....that was a goal....:nod:

Spoken like a true United fan with blinders on....:) :)

Sort of like United have no one to blame but themselves for dropping in to the Europa League....;)

Will go back and watch it but we will both see it at halftime....may not have been intentional but it did hit his chest and then his arm which altered the path of the ball. Add in the fact that its in the penalty box and you have a handball.... Spurs have no one to blame but themselves as Saha should have buried the ball in the back of the net
I guess its one of those things we will have to agree to disagree on :Biggrin:

And yes, United should be in the Champions League and it will hurt them in terms of $$.

And trying not to let those blinders make me too blind :)

Well this game is over....off to watch the Rangers and Bruins...:)

Have a good one...:)


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