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Logan Smothers!


Scout Team
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At this point in time, a loosing season is undeniable. We now have 2 QB's that can't pass the ball worth s**t, so why not throw LS into the fire for some practice reps. He can't throw worse than the two we have started and the offense is already a mess so what do they have to loose?

Blue Howl

Drink up, Shriner!
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This isn't a totally crazy thought, but then you probably have both Martinez and McCaffrey transferring and then your QB depth next year is as thin as tissue paper.


Junior Varsity
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Absolutely not. Our offense is broke. It's not a quarterback issue. Gebbia and vedral were worse here than what we have and are excelling in a different system. So can Martinez and Luke. Fix the system that has failed all 4 of them before you fail a fifth. It's ludicrous fans even consider putting him in thinking he can solve the offensive woes. THINK PEOPLE.