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Jurgen Klinsmann Interview


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When listening to him, you can hear he's a smart guy, he's just unable to implement effective strategies. As I read some of the comments, it's amazing how many people look at just the amount he was paid as an indicator of how good of a coach he is/was and fail to look at the fact that he only had 2 other jobs, was fired from both and in both instances those teams went on to do better after his departure.



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Quite a few players picking up experience in the more competitive leagues. Dest picking the US over Netherlands is great. Think they’re quite a ways off still, but the future is more promising than it has been.


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Would take him over the disaster that is Berhalter in a heartbeat.
Watched this video and was going to comment, but got busy. It's scary just how bad we are right now, and just how much discontent is out there for the current US Soccer regime. And it seems almost unanimous too. I just don't see how Berhalter is around much longer, except for the whole Jay Berhalter/Ernie Stewart garbage.