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Jervay Green is "N"

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247Sports article link...
Doc Sadler walked out of a gym last October having no idea the best player he'd seen that day would be connected to the same program as him six months later. Man, that sure worked out pretty well.

It was one of those jamboree tournaments for junior-college teams Sadler was attending. There were about 16 teams there, including the one coached by one of Sadler's friends in the industry, Billy Gillespie.

But it was the 6-foot-3, 210-pound guard from Nebraska Western Community College that popped to Sadler. Jervay Green's athleticism and scorer's touch couldn't be missed even by a coach giving a passing glimpse.

"Not to put a lot of pressure on him, but I thought (he was) by far the best player of all the teams," Sadler said. "And there's only one or two guys in this whole thing that can play at level he went to ... I only saw him three games, but I thought he was a very good player. And after spending time with him this weekend, what a great kid."

Sadler doesn't overdo it with flowery descriptions.

Quite simply, Green is "hard to guard," Sadler said. "Them guys that are hard to guard are good players."


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Just for fun, here's a tweet from Green about Robin Washut's tweet about a story on Cam Mack:

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Click on the Links to view. Y'all will like it! :wink:

Welcome to the Husker Nation Jervay! Can't wait to see you play! :nod:
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