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Jervay Green ‘N’


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Looks like a "scorer" type. He can hit outside, and maybe he can play some defense. I'm always worried about "scorers" coming to Nebraska, because the moves don't always translate well from wherever you were playing to the Big 10. He's got a little size and he wants to play defense, there's a place for him. And there will be a lot of points that need replacing on that team as well.

Welcome 'N'!


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Good player. Watched this kid play more than a few times as they played our boys team his last 2 years in high school. He has a lot of tools to work with. This is a good get for DONU.

Rainbow Dash

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So the kid hung 44 on the #3 JUCO team in the country the other night. Two nights before that, he put up 30.

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