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Instead of booting Frost……


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Scott, that was an interesting comment about Nouili being more consistent in games than in practice. Do you plan on looking at other players that don't do well in practice and see how they do in a game?

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The job comes with media. Comes with criticism, or praise, or both. That criticism has mad Bo Pelini and Scott Frost filthy rich. It kinda goes with it. Have to be able to handle it, even when it’s bad.


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There are 1 or 2 writers (cough*Dirk*cough) that are complete morons, but overall the Nebraska media can be pretty fair most of the time. Sometimes their questions are dumb or redundant, and I get how that can wear on on someone after a while. But I get a different perspective after the NW game. I was still watching BTN well after the game and I watched Fitz's zoom press conference with Chicago media. Yikes. Those people were a combination of unrelenting and really ignorant about football.
If I’m not mistaken some of the unrelenting crap came from their student paper.


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Another question: "Why don't Alante Brown and Will Nixon get more reps at WR?"
Let's pretend Frost's answer was something along the lines of, "they are tremendous athletes, but tend to struggle reading defenses and often run routes incorrectly because of it. Additionally, they need to do a better job of actually catching the ball when it comes to them."

Would you be ok with that? Do you think that some fans would accuse him of throwing players under the bus?

Do you think fans really want the HONEST answers to those types of questions?


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I'd love for someone to ask Frost this line of questions:

Nebraska has a 5-16 record in 1 possession games since you arrived. What are you going to do to improve 4th quarter game management?? Why does our discipline break down when it matters the most?
Why not skip over those questions and ask why he didn’t kick the field goal. AM fumbling took the question of the day away by giving us something else to bitch about.