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Indiana Week Press Conference (10/21/19)


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Well... I hope for Mo's sake... this is a wake-up call in his life. I stood by him in the stupid case out in California because I don't think he did anything criminal in nature and it was a witch hunt... but it is clear from all the other little rumblings this Summer and Fall that the kid is not disciplined and willing to toe the line. Next man up...
Mo has already pushed the snooze alarm for wake up calls over and over. Good luck wherever you end up Mo and I hope you figure it out.

One Man Jury

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This is just heartbreaking. Mo is one of the most talented RB’s I have seen come here in the last 15 years or more. I would like to know if he was given last week off to heal up, or he just did not bother to show. For the sake of the team, however, give Frost credit for saying some matters are non-negotiable. I trust Frost in running the team.