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ILB Rodney Groce Decommits From Nebraska


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Jamire Calvin?
Joshua Moore, pretty sure he was the 1k% guy.. I also thought I read in another thread that he was dismissed from wherever he ultimately ended up for weapons charges or something- not positive about that though. Good thing he wasn’t 2000% committed


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This is a big loss. You guys are in on some really good kids like Kaden Johnson, Choe Bryant-Strother, Desmond Tisdol, Jared Ivey, Latarie Kinsler, Mister Williams, Devyn Curtis and are trying to get a visit to try and flip Brennon Scott, but it's not good to be stuck at no ILB's when you want at least two (and one overall when you want up to five more) and you're a month and a half from the early signing period when 90% of kids sign now.
Probably gonna miss out on Desmond Tisdol too. Seems Tennessee is the team to beat here.