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I hate it when


I hate it when people use the outcome of one game to undermine everything accomplished throughout the season.

You discover you have a hole in your boot AFTER you step in the freezing water.
A bunch of High School kids put Husker hats on the table, but none of them PICK ONE! :Banghead:

Good luck to them, hope they come to their senses by February 1st! :Gobigred:

I hate it when I spent 3 hours the night before, shoveling my car out of 5 feet of snow, and the asswipe plow driver berms me in, with over 5 feet and most of it is solid ice by the time I wake up to go to work. At least work was understanding and I got the day off.

The Kirkwood ski resort south of the lake reported Wednesday it has received 4 feet of new snow in the last 24 hours for a seven-day total of more than 11 feet.


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