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I Declare Iowa a Rivalry


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I was born in Iowa (only slightly brain damaged but can't vouch for my two brothers also born there) and saw Cyclone and Hawkeye sticker plastered on our Dad's car because he raised us to be Cornhusker fans. It personal and it is a rivalry. GBR
They have owned us for awhile now. We need to start beating them before it’s a real rivalry.Don’t get me wrong, I personally feel it’s a rivalry.Border state,same conference,same division.Seems to have all the ingredients for a good one. We beat them this week.Keep the faith.GBR.


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Heck, between the Jai Alai and the thoughts of beating Iowa, I got so fired up that when the pop up appeared I bought '47 hats as Christmas presents for my wife (Arizona St) and daughters (Florida St) plus a nice Navy hat for myself. Friday will be awesome but Christmas :oops:


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Iowa is a rival, according to this websites method of crowd-sourcing this kind of data. According to Nebraska fans, our top three rivals are Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Iowa. Likewise, Nebraska is Rival #4 for Iowa, after (obviously) Iowa State, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

What's particularly hilarious to me is the Schadenfreude column, which basically calculates how much joy we take in the misfortunes of another team. Top three are Ohio State, Iowa and Texas. Oklahoma is much further down the list in this category, essentially meaning that the Sooners are a rival, but we don't rejoice in their calamities.

Anecdotally, that all fits because I don't mind when the Sooners have success, but I absolutely revel in the idea of Iowa losing to some FCS schlub or having all sixteen of their RBs get turf toe, etc.


Side note for the Big Ten West - Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota ALL list each of the other 3 among their top four rivals. To me, that means we have successfully turned the Triangle of Hate into a Square. Say what you want about fit and recruiting and style of play, but within a decade we've managed to make the other 3 "good" teams in the division to see us as a rival. It's not to say that NW, Illinois and Purdue aren't worth the effort, but my gut says that in the next 50 years, probably 48 of the Big Ten West divisional titles will be split among NU/IA/MN/WI while the Land-o-Lincoln schools can share the other 2.

Start layering in some forthcoming Frost beatdowns and these rivalries will only heat up more.
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Any team that regularly beats us is a rival...is it THE rivalry game for us? Maybe right now, but long term...I doubt it. If Fleck stays at Minny, it might be them or Wisky.