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Huskers @Wolverines - Sunday - 4-9-23 - 11 am Ct - Ray Fisher Stadium - Ann Arbor - Game 3 of 3 - (Winner takes the series)

fouled off rt side
into parking lot

they say, you don't
want to park in the lot!!
Looks like an insurance hazard
for foul balls!

fouled off

Buckley is struggling behind
the plate!! sb and that drop!! :)

Dylan ab
2-0 count
rh vs rhp

fouled off rt side
into the parking lot! ;)
don't park there!! LOL

pop up to ss
and 3 outs

3 outs for the win, folks!!

After this game, my Warriors are on Prime Video!! :)
Another busy day for me!!
Stanton ab ph
rh fouls off pitch
0-1 count
s/m on brk bal
0-2 count!

250 avg 1 rbi

hit over the P
and up the middle

dp, please?

another ph
C Voss fr
250 avg

brk ball on knees
2 bb for Voss
hit to left fld and foul
had the distance
1-2 count

Again, glad I had faith in our pitching staff and hitters, to choose the Huskers to take the series!! :Hooray:


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