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Huskers @Wolverines - Friday - 3pm Ctrl - 4-7-23 - Ray Fisher Stadium - Ann Arbor

I have family here for the Easter weekend and could only check in and out but that was one hell of a ball game!

Our pitching and defense was superb, and so was theirs
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20 and 2/3 innings of scorless pitching by our bullpen!!
2-2 record for Shay

2hr 14 min game, even with extra innings. :)

Jace Kaminski vs Chase Allen tomorrow.

What a win!!!

Gotta admit, I wasn’t feeling good and didn’t like our chances after they tied it in the 8th.

Oh yee of little faith. These boys are turning me into a believer.

Just keep winning baby!!!

"See" you all tomorrow. :Wave:

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    Apr 8 (Sat) 1 p.m.
    Big Ten
    Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Radio: Huskers Radio Network



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