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Huskers vs Terrapins - B10 Tourney - Game #12 - 5-27-23 - Saturday @1pm Ctrl - 1st of 2 Must Wins! @Omaha

Bob my friend.

An honor and a privilege to spend time with you during this spring and up till today.


And always fun chatter during the game!

Have a great summer and I will see you next year! Good Lord willing and the river don’t rise!

Thanks and the same to you. Been a lot of fun and a pleasure. This is one of my joys in my golden years. :)

Yes…40 game winner and while not assured of an NCAA invite…on the cusp and in the picture.

Schedule hurt us big RPI wise… and then we did ourselves absolutely no favors by losing those “should win” games

I feel like this team underperformed all year.

Bryce and Anderson notwithstanding. It wouldve been nice to get more help for those two up and down the lineup, and better p
I feel like this team underperformed all year.

Bryce and Anderson notwithstanding. It wouldve been nice to get more help for those two up and down the lineup, and better p
Sswanson was good and the others had decent seasons player position wise.

Catching Adequate.

Hitting…we almost always out hit opponents.

in my mind it was 3 things:

We did not “clutch hit” very well and left far too many men on base all year long. Ridiculous amounts….

Our pitching was just inconsistent as heck….and Bolt was always scrambling to find the right combo…ANY combo that was consistent.

Solid starters tended to absolutely “blow up” all of a sudden and Coach Bolt was waaaaay too reluctant to go to his pen…where he had absolutely no clue who would step up that day.

And finally, I believe this team got too invoved in the ”Husker Hype” and that they were obviously better than teams like South Dakota and would win just by showing up. They took these type of opponents for granted and FAR too lightly with horrible results.

Part of these problems is “just baseball”.

But many are entirely fixable.

Next year will be critical in deciding whether the current leadership is the right path.

Nebraska has the best facilities, best fans and supports baseball monetarily FAR in advance of ANY BiG school. It needs to be consistently demonstrated…that simple
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Tough time for the bats to snooze, when we received three really solid pitching performances in a row, only to lose two of those with three runs of offensive production. Season was one in which we, I guess, slightly outperformed pundit expectations, but arguably underperformed our talent, no bigger tell than our midweek disappointments. Need to replace studs in Max and Brice, hope to match their skills with some dirtbags throughout the roster that step up in clutch. And do something about situational hitting that sees far fewer Ks in run-producing opportunities.

Appreciate the ninth inning effort and almost game-winner from Max!

Until next year, GBR!

Game of inches twice in the ninth.

IF the two colliding outfielders drop the ball…
Tie, or more probably….walk off

IF Max’s ball carries 24 inches farther….
Walk off
here is my position.. We need to upgrade our pitching... bad. We 100% have coaching issue to go along with that. We also need to upgrade out hitting!

We only have 3 batters over 300 and two others at 290ish. That is not going to get you far. Maryland on the other hand only has 2 starters hitting under .300.
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