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Huskers versus Minnesota - BTN now!


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Sorry, missed up the score again. We're up 3 after making FTs.

Minnesota ball, 14.9 seconds to play.


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Banham can't get a shot, passes off. 3 pointer short, minnesota rebounds, gets off a final 2 pointer, misses....


Came back from 14 down in the second half.


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Minnesota was killing them while NU was in zone. They went to man but had not practiced it much. Connie proud of her team. They had two days to get ready for them.

Lesley Presley

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Great come back with for the Lady Huskers! They really stepped it up the second half. Steve was there coaching Jordan in spirit. Slow down set yourself and take good shots. He just high fived Bob Devaney and Brook B. All smiles:cheers: