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Husker fans this week.....


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Bring a bunch of them back for some seminars or as analysts...
FS could meet with Held on RBs (he coached some special ones back in the day),
BC could discuss OLine refinements with Austin,
Turner Gill could talk with Verducci about QB's & the option,
Bruce Read could discuss Special Teams with Lil Red? ... nevermind
Bo could chat defense with Eric the Red & perhaps come up with some interesting Chinandigans
Riley could ride his bike around and sing hip hip hooray


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Accountability is important. The players are hopefully getting that message instead of telling them it is someone else’s fault. That really won’t help us get better.
Like the folks on here telling Adrian its not his fault he fumbled the ball and that it is Frost's fault because he didn't tell him not to fumble.

I think accountability is there (except at QB where there really isn't another option). O-line, Yant, and others have felt the accountability.


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Ok..i think i get what the opening post was after. I am a subscriber to the “Frank should not have been fired” sentiment. I don’t see it as a curse. I see it as a tactical decision the ramifications of which continue down to this very day


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Even though it's been rough in the BIG we should remember we went 1-9 against TEXASS from 1996 to 2010 when we departed the BIG 12. That's hard to believe as we had some VERY good teams over that stretch. If any team had a HEX on the Huskers it's the Whorns!! I'm hoping this is the year to start evening the score with Wisky!!!!