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Husker DH versus Michigan State begins at 2:05 Central on Friday


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No way I can be here for the 2nd game of the DH

It will be about 5:15 my time when it starts

Getting ready to go to dinner and dance, I'll need
all that time. Hopefully csker will be here to help out


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missed outside??

ump is still an ass!!

A great job, and still

hit to Gomes!

Complete game/ win!!!

3-0 record!! :Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Rockon::Rockon::Rockon::Rockon::Banana::Banana::Banana::Banana::Mfclap::Mfclap::Mfclap::Mfclap::Cheer2::Cheer2::Cheer2::Cheer2:
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