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Has anyone done a lease?


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My experiences with car dealerships have been similar to yours. And it is one of the reasons I try to hang on to my cars for as long as possible, so I don't have to go through the b.s. of buying from dealers that always try to screw me.

It is always nickel and dime stuff, but it is still sleazy and I hate doing business with sleazy business people. That is what car dealers are in my experience, every last one of them.

The last car I bought was from a dealership that trumpets no haggle pricing and their straightforwardness. I found the car I wanted, the price was reasonable based on my research, so I agreed to buy it. Got the contract and found the price was $75 higher than what I had agreed to. The extra $75 was for nitrogen in the tires. I started to walk out and so they said they wouldn't charge me for that.

Doc Fee's are another dealer scam.. They try to sell you that these are a must, that is a lie, they are nothing but adding more money to the deal. Dealers are the most corrupt I have come across. I have seen some that are not horrible, but more often than not they lie like it is no big deal.

KBB, cars.com and the other car sites, are all sites created to deceive the public about true car prices.

Check out youtube, there are more and more ex-sales managers posting videos about the tricks and lies
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KBB, cars.com and the other car sites, are all sites created to deceive the public about true car prices.
Years ago, before the internet, KBB was a good place for info about true car prices. I think they tried to do the right thing. I haven't used them for years though so, I'm not sure what they're like now. :Smile:


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You don't need KBB these days to figure out car values. Just go to cargurus.com and you can get a pretty good idea of what a good deal is for your specific model. And dealers don't make nearly as much on selling a car as folks think they do. I used to own a used car lot. If you think dealers are dishonest, you ought to meet the customers. Customers were mostly rude, condescending, boorish. Tell me what my car is worth, when I am the one who bought it. Telling me how crappy my car is, as if I'm going to go down on the price, while they build their piece of crap up to be a Rolls Royce. Telling me they always get the better end of the deal (like I care). Oh and they lie about everything too. And doc fees? Have you ever tried to sort paperwork for some idiot that has $15,000 negative equity? Those fees are earned, trust me.

Cars are just like any other business. There are good businesses, and bad businesses.
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