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Greg Bell


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I recall Frost not allowing Greg Bell to transfer to Oregon State or another Big 10 school but does anyone know where he transferred to or if he transferred anywhere?


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:wink:... haven't heard. with new semesters starting, perhaps we'll hear something soon.
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As of a week ago he is/was still living in Lincoln according my young brother going to school there...


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So, you mean South Dakota State University. I thought that he was going to San Diego State, though?
Didn't show up on either U's website as a signee, though... At least a few days ago when I checked after reading that post.

If he is really still in Lincoln, is he enrolled? Going to class? If he isn't attending school, what is the impact on eligibility? At some point you have to show progress towards a degree to maintain eligibility.

You have to wonder what was going on in his head, or wasn't.
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