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Goal now: six wins

And I think the 6 wins is achievable, and should be expected, if you subscribe to the view that we have now turned the corner. If we are at the level of "1 or 2 plays" from beating Top 10 teams, then we sure have no business losing to the Gophers, Purdue, or Badgers. Hopefully the team also has this type of confidence, and is getting a feel for the type of effort it takes each week to play at a high level. Let's take things one game at a time and see if the Huskers can sustain this level of play. We still can't lose the turnover battle, or one of the 3 teams we should be able to beat can hand us a loss. It would be icing on the cake to finally beat Iowa and close out the year 7-5......... :thumbsup:


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We lost to Illinois. Bad team. Let’s see where these teams are ranked at the end of the year. That will be more accurate than where they were in Sept. I like our schedule this year and there wasn’t a game that wasn’t winnable. We self destructed as is our pattern. Scheduling doesn’t fix that.

The way the team has played since the Illinois game, they'd have a lot more wins if they played Iowa's schedule.


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Sad is the right word to use
sad that we are hoping and praying to reach 6/6
sad that we keep losing games because of coaches decisions
sad that special teams suck so bad
sad that we fumble in all the wrong moments
sad that a 20 million buy out will keep us from making a change
many examples of sad

Yes, sad describes how I feel.
Other than that, I can sense your optimism about this team.

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As someone mentioned earlier, if Clifford doesn't get hurt they beat Iowa fairly easy. That backup QB was hard to watch, felt bad for the guy. We got beat by a horrible Illinois team, predicting a win against anyone until we can play consistently for 4 quarters is wishful thinking.


Six wins and a bowl was always the goal in 2021. That will be the goal in 2022 as well.
I disagree slightly, this season 6 games bowl absolutely, next season with a much improved schedule we should be shooting to win the west, can't do that with six wins. I mean mathematically I guess it is possible but highly unlikely.

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Three of our seven games have been against undefeated teams who are now in the Top 15. We still have two more current Top 10 teams to play in Iowa and Ohio St. It's one of the tougher schedules in the country.

There are different philosophies on cross-division scheduling. Some prefer to have a higher frequency of "big name" opponents like Ohio St., Michigan, and Penn St. For purposes of equity, I would prefer a balanced approach where we play Ohio St. the same number of times we play Rutgers and play Michigan the same number of times we play Maryland.

If Nebraska and Iowa traded schedules this year, my guess is that Iowa would be 5-2 right now and Nebraska would be 4-2 or maybe 5-1.
All three are in the top ten now actually. They probably won't finish the season there, but I'm pretty sure they'll all be ranked at the very least.


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I disagree slightly, this season 6 games bowl absolutely, next season with a much improved schedule we should be shooting to win the west, can't do that with six wins. I mean mathematically I guess it is possible but highly unlikely.
If the six wins were all within the division that would help a great deal.


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Iowa is beatable. Especially at home.

The next two are the key. We have to start beating teams in the division.
We have 4 division games left. Have to find a way to win 3 of those.

For now, Sink the boat!
agree, iowa did not stop 1st team psu at all. beat them and go bowling. they are not even close to top 5.... laughable


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I think they should reduce the number of division cross-over games to two a year and give us one more non conference game.
That could literally be the difference in a rebuilding team like Nebraska being bowl eligible.

I would be in favor of going from 3 crossover down to 2. It still needs to balanced though, rather than the Big 10 giving us some combination of Ohio St./Michigan/Penn St. every year while Iowa gets some combination of Maryland/Rutgers/Indiana.


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Getting to six will not be easy. Iowa and Ohio State look pretty tough - tougher than Michigan. We just don't seem to have the horses to stay with them.

That leaves Purdue, Minnesota and Wisconsin that we have to sweep. While that is doable, it won't be a walk in the park, and we will have to play error free football. We'll see if that is possible. Those teams will see us as a good chance for a W for them.

Penalties, errors and injuries will probably decide it for us. There is a chance we won't make a bowl again this year, but a better chance that we will.

That's a bit sad in year four - six wins and a bowl game being the golden goal.
And while we did play MSU, OU, and Michigan close, we are still 3 - 4. I will NEVER, consider a losing team, especially one that has losing seasons for 5 straight years not a suck team. While moral victories in sports may be important to individual players, and perhaps much of the team itself, that doesn't mean that the team still sucks. We SUCK, that's the bottom line right now. Others in the thread link I provided don't see it this way, but it is what it is.