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Games 2 & 3 of red/white pushed to 1 9-inning game Monday


Red won again for the series title.

- Gomes, solid 3 innings. Gave up 2 in the first, not sure either were earned but it was his best outing this fall. His FB was alive and his secondary pitches were ++.
- Feekin, solid 2 innings. Looked much better today compared to Wichita State. Once he completely gets over the hurdle of not throwing for a long time he'll factor in for us. Don't sleep on him.
- Luensmann, lights out.
- Mason made an appearance tonight.
- Schanaman tossed the 9th inning, lights out.
- Red team catcher (brain fart on who it was) threw out 2 or 3 attempted steals.

I didn't pay too much attention with the hitters today so sorry for the minimal notes.