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Game #3 - Huskers vs Hawkeyes - Sunday - 4:50 pm ctrl (approx) 4-28-24 - Haymarket Park

8 hits for Iowa this game
2-0 count on Wilmes
lead off hitter
2-1 now

lhp vs rh
fake toss to 2nd

fouled back
2-2 count now

fouled back by Wilmes
2-2, hanging in

Called strike 3 on inner half
fast ball
2 down
Tello ab!! he is dangeous
new P for Huskers
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And Rob heads to the mound and he says to Kyle:

“Kyle, do you know how to throw a teaser pitch?

You have first base unoccupied and we are down three we absolutely cannot afford a base hit”
I love me some Kyle Perry
Good to see him finish that inning without a run.

Kyle is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Or the old fair fairytale story of when he was good he was very very good, but when he was bad, he was awful.

The key for Kyle is to always get the first batter.

If he does that, he usually gets through the inning just fine, even if he gets in a little bit of trouble.

But if the first batter gets on…. Watch out.
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