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G Elijah Wood - N

Red Don

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:Welcome: Elijah Wood! :Mfclap::Mfclap::Mfclap:

2021 2020 Hargrave guard Elijah Wood, 6-5 (reclassified back to 2020 class after a roster spot opened up when Kobe King decided not to come to Nebraska)

Well, That Didn't Take Long to replace Kobe KIng!!!

Here's some more information on Wood :nod:
(Wood is # 1 in this clip)

1) We signed another ball handler who can play multiple spots.
2) He is a freshmen instead of a Junior. We had 6 Juniors and 1 freshmen? Now it's 2 freshmen and 5 Juniors so that is a slightly better distribution.
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