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Friday Night Games


Tom Osborne
15 Year Member
Not just because of the slow start tonight...but I will agree with a gambling "expert" I heard today...Wisconsin's record will look much better than they actually are. Over rated.


You talken to me?
5 Year Member
Wisky sure gets a lot of LOVE from ESPN. Talking about them in the playoffs? I really don't believe that's going to happen... period. Going to be real interesting when they play in Lincoln after their escape in OT with us last year....


Music Soothes My Soul
5 Year Member
Utah St. with the fumble recovery, inside the Badgers 20 at around the 15.

by the way, anybody know if the Colorado game is onTV?


Husker Fan
15 Year Member
Rutgers missed a FG with a chance to tie it up before the half. Still, fine effort. And only down 10-7 to Washington.

Rutgers held Washington to less than 100 yards of offense in the first half. All while UW had a huge field advantage.