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Christmas is here early!

Posting from the app now. Thank you Husker Max for the early Christmas present!


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Very nice! I'm writing from the app as well. *Pretty smooth.

Is there a way to just see certain boards? Say just the "football" or "recruiting" board, instead of having everything in one place?
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Ironside. Hit your menu key and there are quite a few dropdown boxes...one of them is the multiple forum screen then you can get to each individual forum



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Are there any plans for the Android version of the app to include access to the Husker web audio like the iPhone app released in October 2010?

I appreciate the hard work that went in to this app but to be honest I'd rather have access to the Husker audio on my Android phone than access to the BBS.
I will discuss that with the folks at Huskers.com. Maybe by next fall there will be something available.


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Coming to you from warm and sunny Orange County...

It would especially cool if the post would include, "sent from my iPhone" like my email does.


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Does this replace HuskerBytes on iPhone ?

The audio on that app was disabled during football season. :(
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