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Hutto Husker
5 Year Member
Huskers have just 2 drafted. When was the last time this happened?
Yeah a little drop off this year. We did have a small graduating class and our current team is pretty young so it seems we have the perfect storm of not many players avalible to draft. IMHO.


Husker Fan
20 Year Member
Huskers have just 2 drafted. When was the last time this happened?
There have been a couple of times last decade with 3 drafted -- so we may still see this in 2012. Otherwise, I scanned back through the 70s and never less than three -- and you go back far enough and there were many more than 7 rounds.


Scout Team
10 Year Member
kellen Moore, QB from Boise also hasn't been drafted. I was watching ESPN earlier, they had a spot on him, and they blasted him. Well maybe not blasted, but they basically said he doesn't have the physical ability to be a back up in the NFL

Bearkat Husker

Junior Varsity
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Obviously the professionals have different evaluation methods than Hisker fans
Hey AD, do what the police say next time


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Fonz is in the same spot as Vontaze Burfict... Character questions absolutely killing them right now.
I think we can safely say neither one of these guys is getting drafted. What puzzles me more though is Carlos Polk also appears like he'll go undrafted.
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