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First the Pac twelve, now this, all washed up


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Seaside Aquarium, which is located in Seaside, Oregon, wrote a Facebook post about the remarkable discovery on May 18. The dead Pacific footballfish was found by local beachgoers near Cannon Beach.
Go footballfish! Perfect life for the males, eh? ;)
Lounging on the beach?
Did you even read the article you posted???
Pacific footballfish also have a male-female dynamic that humans may find unusual, where the females are 10 times larger than the males and are the primary hunters. The aquarium described male Pacific footballfish as "parasites."
Pacific footballfish females hunt for food, while male Pacific footballfish are blind.

"Only females actively hunt as the males are actually more like parasites," the Oregon aquarium explained. "Males being 10 times smaller than females, find a female to fuse themselves to."

"They lose their eyes and internal organs, getting all their nutrients from their female partners. In return, they provide females with a steady source of sperm."


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