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Festivus Airing of Grievances


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Just a few things that drove me nuts this season...

1. Guys getting up and acting all big and bad when an opposing player made a mistake (dropped pass) or was tackled short of the line to gain (after an 8 yard gain) when it was not even 3rd down... (looking at players like you Dismuke)

2. Trying to return kicks with guys who run 4.75 40s and would be considered a great return just to get back to the 25... just fair catch the dang ball (finally we did)

3. Special teams in general... outside of our long snapping pretty much every phase in the kicking game stunk... Waldoch had a nice finish to the year and will battle Pickering. I also think we fair caught 5 or 6 punts inside our own 6-7 yard line this year (the opponent really appreciates that!)

4. Why we did not run the outside zone running play much in the first 6 or 7 games? I am sure we progressed in execution but if we did that type of running vs Wisconsin there is no reason to think we could not have destroyed Purdue and Indiana with that...

5. Running hurry up too sporadically... one of the reasons Oregon was able to make so many chunk running plays was because of the extreme tempo... if they want to lay down on the field and act injured it means one of their starting players will be out the next play...

6. Clock management and situational awareness...

7. Adrian Martinez's inability to make guys miss or take cut back lanes. (big 2AM supporter but his running vision deteriorated significantly this season)

8. Tackling... at times it was comical. So many guys wanted to "hit" (most especially our DBs) but forgot the wrap up part. Greased pigs every game.

9. Injuries... I swear our guys get banged up more than other teams... Seems like the teams like Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin just act tougher and shake the pain off and keep going.

10. Being too cute... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.... We went away from things so often in games trying to look like the smartest guys in the room... football is pretty simple and execution is about 90% of it.

Feel free to add on... maybe we can do the Feats of Strength later on.
I agree with all. Notice anything about these? None of them are a talent issue. They are all fixable with the talent we have. They definitely need some coaching up.


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Special teams :Cautious: + a callout to the sideline jumping around on kickoffs - wt_?

oh.. & get off my lawn :wink::O O:
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I will second fair catches, swing passes, and soft defense. Some things to add:

Running Wandale inside and Mills outside.
Choking on big leads.
Alex Davis
Biting on the zone read and losing outside contain.
Dropping sure interceptions.
Carelessness with the ball.
Missing wide open receivers by 10 yards.
Forcing the ball into triple coverage.
Sticking with one quarterback come hell or high water.

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nebr isnt the only one guilty of this, i see it in every NFL game also: a db or lb, laying on a big shoulder block hit, and trying to disguise that as a tackle, instead of wrapping up a guys legs, ( like we were shown in pop warner.) then having the ball carrier, bounce off and keep running.--- that is so painful to watch
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